We just want you to love your lawn.

Whether you need maintenance for a sprinkler system we installed or repairs to an existing system, you will be glad to know you are in good hands. We are prompt, professional and qualified.

Mid-Michigan Lawn Sprinklers Inc. specializes in design, installation, maintenance and repair of commercial, residential, and athletic field sprinkler systems throughout Mid-Michigan.

A system professionally installed by Mid-Michigan Lawn Sprinklers is the primary tool in having a beautiful green yard.Results can be seen in just weeks. We offer reasonable prices and free estimates.

We plan for your system to run trouble-free, however, unplanned cracks or leaks may occur. These events are not uncommon and may happen at random. Please call us immediately so that we may efficiently diagnose the problem and discuss all available options.

revamp of old system

"Revamp of Old Sprinkler System"

Our Services

Spring Start-Up

Mid-April is usually the time to open and test your irrigation system and its performance. Mid-Michigan Lawn Sprinklers Inc. will adjust sprinkler heads, check timers and sensors and inspect each zone for proper functionality. If an area is tested and not up to working standards, we will consult with you to determine the best solution for repairing or replacing the necessary components to get the system back to peak performance.


Mid-Michigan Lawn Sprinklers Inc. Will clear all lines to avoid freezing and potential cracking of components. Winterizing your sprinkler system insures that lines, heads, backflow preventers and piping do not freeze and crack during the winter months. When all lines have been cleared of water, the main valves will be turned off.

Add-on Zones/Existing System Modification:

Existing systems may need to be expanded or updated to suit your yard's needs and changes. We will examine these options for you and assist with any additions or changes which may arise. This includes systems that Mid-Michigan Lawn Sprinklers Inc. did not originally install.